Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is the abuse of children, women, and men for their bodies and labor. It's modern-day slavery.

It’s the illegal trade of human beings. It’s the recruitment, control, and use of people for their bodies and for their labor.

Through force, fraud, and coercion, people everywhere are being bought and sold against their will–right now in the 21st century.

But, slavery is more stoppable than ever before.

With you're help, Tiny Roots has partnered together with A21 to bring an end to trafficking here in the USA and around the world.

How you help make a difference

We are driven by a radical hope that the cycle of human trafficking can be broken.

With every purchase you make 10% is given to A21 programs in order to fund proven solutions.


Reach programs are the difference between vulnerability and safety.


Rescue programs are the difference between exploitation and freedom.


Restore programs are the difference between re-victimization and independence.

The Girl that Drove us to Action

My name is Sasha. Im from India. I live with my grandmother and lots of other women in something they call a brothel. I sleep on a little mat in the corner of the room next to grandma. There's always a lot of men coming in and out of our house. Grandma said when I turn 12 Im going to be one of her hospitality girls. I don't know what that means but I hope I don't have to talk to the men. They look at me weird. My mom died a couple years ago. That was the last time I cried, grandma told me only weak people cry. I don't remember much about my mother. She was beautiful and kind, but didn't pay attention to me. She was too busy talking with the men that came in. My mom always had sad eyes, like something was hurting her. Grandma got really mad when she died and that's when she made me start getting the men stuff. Grandma sends me to get them tea or cigars. When i walk to the market i see kids playing on the streets, i wish i could too! Grandma doesn’t allow me to have any friends or toys. I spend most of the day sleeping and at night I run her errands.  Maybe one day she will let me play with the kids or attend school. I hear all the boys and girls get to go there to learn. I hope I get to one day too. 

People came and rescued me from the place I lived with grandma. They gave me a bath and new clothes, I'm so thankful for them. I don't remember much from the brothel, there are no memories to haunt my dreams. I get to go to school. I love learning english and writing, I even dot my i's with hearts. I get to have my own dolls and play with my own friends. I am valuable to someone. I am loved and I am seen. 

*Sasha's real name has been changed to protect her identity. The above are real events that co-founder Lauren witnessed during her years working overseas with women, men and children affected by trafficking