We pledge to deliver the highest quality clothing for all children all while inspiring creativity, influencing change and impacting the world around us.

From start to finish, each piece that we create is given the highest level of attention.

Our prints are distinct and unique - each one is hand watercolored by our amazing in house artist and every detail of each style we offer is handcrafted by our co-founder, Lauren. We hope that our enthusiasm for our brand shows in every carefully curated detail. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing Tiny Roots for your children's clothing.

It all started with... Do you want to form an alliance?

Lauren is a wife and mom of two, Laureline & Ender, and has a background in fashion design and manufacturing.

Lindsay is a wife and mama of three, Brianna, KyLee, & Maddox and has a background in marketing and customer service.

Lauren & Lindsay became friends during the pandemic as they connected in a Facebook group, much like our VIP! During one of their many conversations, they discovered they both shared the ambition of creating a clothing company that existed as a vehicle to make an impact in the world.

As they discussed and shared more of their vision for the company and learned each other's strengths and weaknesses they decided they were a better force together than apart! Thus the birth of Tiny Roots 🌱